Everyone probably has dream bathroom designs they wish they could fulfil but both money and space can restrain your ideals. It is nice to dream though and through blog writing about bathrooms I see a whole variety of different bathroom ideas. In this blog I am going to reveal my bathroom wishes should I ever be lucky enough to renovate my own space. Hopefully I will give you some ideas about the things you need to consider and how to think about your vision before you embark on a bathroom renovation.

Dream Bathroom Ideas: So Where to Begin?

So what about my own bathroom space? I don’t have a particularly large bathroom space but there is only me to consider when planning my dream bathroom so this helps in terms of requiring less storage etc. I am lucky that there is a decent amount of natural light comes into the room but throughout my planning I will bear in mind not to choose anything that would create a darker atmosphere. I’m a fan of keeping things plain and neutral for any room design and I will carry this on in my bathroom.


Due to the small dimensions of my space I can’t afford the luxury of both a shower and a bath. I wouldn’t want to choose between one or the other as I’m a fan of a quick shower and a long hot bath so for me a shower bath is the perfect compromise. The first item I would choose for my ultimate bathroom is the Moods Luxury P Shaped Shower Bath. I love the P shape as it gives you a more generous showering space than a straight bath would. I chose the slim fit version as in a small bathroom the extra inches can make all the difference to the final space. Of course as this is a dream bathroom design I would add a whirlpool system for the ultimate luxury in a bathing system.


To protect the bathroom from the splash of the shower I would add the Cassellie Curved P Bath Screen. I really love the seamless design of this screen as opposed to the Moods version as it means the natural light can shine through to increase the feeling of spaciousness. To complete the shower area I would choose a stylish electric shower from Mira’s range as the heating system in my home isn’t that efficient. The Mira Galenafeatures a generous round shower head with a neutral light stone panel to match my natural colour scheme.

Choosing Stylish Storage


To match the neutral shade of the shower panel I would opt for the attractive Tavistock Bathrooms Desire Putty 1 Drawer Wall Mounted Vanity Unit. This wall hung unit features a soft curved design which is quite unique as many tend to be more angular. This shaping will match the soft curves of the shower bath. The single drawer will provide ample storage for any bathroom extras and features a luxurious soft closing mechanism.


Above the vanity unit I will place a mirrored unit to add a bit more storage to my bathroom. I love the Moods Nova LED Bathroom Cabinet – the lighting either side of the cabinet adds a touch of glamour to my bathroom space. Using this light alone also provides the ideal soft lighting for chilling in the bath. This unit is ideal for keeping those important toiletries close to hand and the double sided mirror door is a perfect feature when you need to get ready quickly as you can access your toiletries whilst still viewing the mirror.

Space Saving Toilet

To compliment the soft shapes I have chosen for my bathroom I really like the Moods Thyme Wall Hung Toilet with its space saving design. I really like the contemporary and simplistic style of this small toilet. Again choosing a more compact item means you are saving those vital extra inches that can improve the overall feeling of space in a small bathroom. By choosing a wall hung toilet and vanity unit I will also help to create the illusion of more space as there will be more floor space visible.

Adding a Touch of Luxury


Just because you have a small bathroom space it doesn’t mean you can’t have any luxury additions. There is nothing worse than being cold when you step out of the bath or shower and for this reason I would have a towel rail as a must have item. The Moods Space heated towel rail is perfect for a more compact design with its sleek design and stylish chrome finish. Again choosing a wall hung design ensures I can add this without worrying about taking up vital floor space.

Final Touches

To add the finishing touches to my bath and basin I have chosen the Moods Primo modern basin mixer and bath filler as the ideal accessories. The rounded design and simplistic quarter turn levers to operate makes them the perfect modern match to complement the overall design of the bathroom.

Finally the decor in my dream bathroom would be mostly pale painted walls with possibly a slight warm tone. Within the shower area, and as a stylish surround near the vanity unit, I would include the HD Manfil White Ceramic Wall Tile from the House of British Ceramic Tile range. These beautiful large wall tiles mimic a marble effect and are offered in a gloss finish to create a truly sumptuous finish for your bathroom. These tiles will perfectly compliment the simple but stylish look that I am aiming for.

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